Radical Quakers of Minneapolis formed in early 2017. Our mission is to make space for marginalized people to worship together, on our own terms.

We call ourselves Radical for two reasons. First, we are politically radical and stand against all forms of oppression. Second, we aim to strip Quakerism down to its core and re-imagine it, placing marginalized people at the center of everything we do.

We meet for silent worship every Sunday afternoon. We invite all who have known injustice to join us.

Meeting Times

3rd Sundays of the month

SpringHouse Ministry Center
610 W. 28th Street, Minneapolis

The door to SpringHouse will be locked. Ring the bell and someone will collect you. <3

All other Sundays

Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis

If you are a first-time attendee:

Please keep in mind that this meeting is BY and FOR marginalized people. If you don’t carry any weight of oppression through your life, we invite you to visit one of the more traditional Quaker meetings in the Twin Cities.

To be clear, that means no cis straight white people. If you are a white person who is both straight and cisgender, we ask that you not attend. You can do the work of reshaping Quakerism in your own space.

Masks on fists up! <3 <3 <3